The Future of the Arts & Society

My first “sanctuary” project as a fellow of the Interactivity Foundation was the The Future of the Arts and Society. Please see this PRESS RELEASE for our kick-off event during Art Basel Miami 2013. For several months, I worked with a group in Washington, D.C. that included sculptor, rap artist, poet, academics, economists, a waitress, curator, arts administrator, film scholar, literary activist, among other folks. This illustration below is a detail from the 40-page report we created as a free tool for community groups and schools to frame discussions around the arts and public policy.

This is the visual representation of what the panels thought various functions of art in society.

Illustration by Calida Rawles for the Interactivity Foundation

Please see the full report below, which is freely downloadable. Print copies went to press in August 2013, and are also available for free by request. Email It was an incredible honor and privilege to work on a project like this. The Interactivity Foundation is an amazing place to work!