Race, Class, Culture & School Reform

First Lady Michelle Obama at a bilingual charter school in Washington, D.C. in 2009

I can honestly say, that I have never used my journalism and research skills on any endeavor as intensely as I have in trying to raise my kids in the city. Not only has my family struggled to navigate public, parochial, independent and charter schools, I can’t go anywhere without running into random parents–strangers, close friends–everyone has some crazy experience in “these schools.”

That’s why I’m excited about working on a cool series with The Root DC/Washington Post at the intersection of  race, class, culture and school reform. It will include blogging, print columns, “Know it All: The ABCs of Education” a web radio show hosted my collaborator, the civil rights attorney Allison R. Brown of the education firm ABC, as well as live community forums around Washington, D.C. about different aspects of equity in education reform. I will try to keep the archive of activity here.

School Reform: Is it About Escaping Blackness? 2/27, 2013

Oprah Winfrey’s Shameful “BlackBoard Wars”: Where ‘Cops’ Meets Dangerous Minds”   March 6, 2013

School Expulsions: When Students are not protected their potential is wasted  March 14, 2013

schools and discipline

Community Forum: Saturday, March 16 1-3 p.m. Schools and Discipline: Is it working? Is it fair? The Arc.


Andre Perry: Confessions of a Black Schools Reformer
March 18, 2013

Community Forum: LGBT Students and Schools: Are We Prepared for Change? April 12, 2013

On April 24, 2013 I moderated the Washington Post’s Behind the Headlines forum. The State of Education in the District. You can see video of it here.




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