Deconstructing Tyrone

In 2006, I co-authored my first book, “Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at Black Masculinity in the Hip-Hop Generation” by Cleis Press with my dear friend the journalist Natalie Y. Moore. As feminists of the hip-hop generation, we wrote half the chapters from the male perspective with profiles of hip-hop generation notables NBA player (Etan Thomas, then of the Washington Wizards) politicians (Kwame Kilpatrick–then of Detroit) and those caught up in the criminal justice system and striving asĀ  in the business world and as entrepreneurs. The other half of the book allows women to journal their experiences with black masculinity, as mothers raising black boys, as women working in the hip-hop industry, as strippers deciding whether to blame their father’s for their career choice, as preteens trying to understand the images of black women they see on BET. The 2006-2007 “Natalies” book tour was like one endless roadtrip with your BFF, with stops in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, D.C. Portland, Oregon, Boston, Detroit, West Palm Beach, Minneapolis, San Francisco. We chronicled the book tour HERE.

The Natalies at the Shrine of the Black Madonna Bookstore in Detroit.