A few shorter op-eds, magazine and Web essays.

Why Michele Rhee’s Education ‘Brand’ Failed in D.C.| The Atlantic

I was honored to be selected as a journalism fellow at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival. Until that week, I had been a supporter of then- District of Columbia Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee. But as a former DCPS PTA mom, I blanched at her blackmailing D.C. voters using corporate philanthropic dollars. Her appalling speech the previous weekend in Aspen, and the many conversations I had there with education activists who
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The myth of black-on-black violence | The Root

Every summer, the media trots out this tired, cliche, and it turns out, mostly mythical phrase called “black-on-black violence.”  In this essay, with the help of a brilliant geographer named David Wilson (author of “Inventing Black-on-Black Violence”) I explain why this loaded term should be retired for good.

Go-Go: Soul Of Washington, Slipping Away | Washington Post

Here is a  op-ed essay I published in the Washington Post’s Sunday Outlook section in response to the news that Washington, D.C. police partly credited surveillance of go-go musicians for the drop in murders in the nation’s capital.  I look at many of the themes that will be in my book, about go-go’s role in D.C. history, and it’s future under rapid-fire gentrification where it is a convenient scapegoat. I Keep Reading